Plab1 intensive live preparation course in London

What can we offer to you?

Each and every PLAB 1 SBA question contain a clincher (salient point / vignette) inside. Even though, the question is too long if a candidate can quickly identify the clincher inside the question, the candidate can arrive to the correct answer within a half a minuet. We guide you how to find out these clinchers inside each and every question within few seconds and mark the correct answer without reading the whole question.

In addition, 90% of the PLAB 1 questions are from the past exams. We have a highly updated question bank which contains more than 3500 questions from very recent exams. We will teach you how to master those mcqs within just 20 days. We do around 150-200 mcqs everyday together including the mock exams during our course. This will definitely boost your confidence.

We know that the self preparation for PLAB 1 exam is backbreaking task. At the same time very boring and time consuming. So why do you wait to enroll our PLAB 1 preparation course which is very intensive, efficient and motivating. Your Goal is Our determination. Your Pass is Our Triumph.

Why choose our course ?

1. We monitor the progress of each candidate closely

2. More than 3500 MCQs Prepared by Experts

2. Money back guarantee

3. Revision with mock exams in the end of every week

2. Experienced Doctors who have passion in Teaching

Course Details

Starting date

New courses starts continuously every week

03.02.2019 |  10.02.2019  | 17.02.2019


4 Weeks ( 20 Days )

During the course:

We cover theory of all categories.
Practice more than 2500 MCQs
Mock exams and tutorials end of each week

Special Discount
limited time only
£ 475


9:00 am – 5:30 pm Sunday – Thursday
Including lunch and tea breaks.
Friday & Saturday off

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